Mosquito Repellent Lamp RT-MK01

    • Remax USA Mosquito Repellent Lamp RT-MK01 The insects fly or mosquito traps electric shock machine is environmentally friendly and free.<br />Rays that harm the property using the four LED UVA light is safe.<br />To use suction fan for a 10x10 foot radius of sucking up and sucking the Dual-function system.<br />Shock simultaneous production of safe materials ABS. A plastic material that is durable and high performance. Last for long Removable for easy cleaning <br />This applies to all the places that need portable, lightweight, suitable for children. Protects your baby safe from mosquitoes. 
    • Voltage : AC110-240V
      Power : 4W
      Frequency : 50Hz/60Hz
      G.W : 0.9kg
      N.W : 0.5kg
      Coverage : 45m2
      Packing Size : 200x200x100mm
      Product Zise : 215x125x215mm
      Color : White+Blue

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