Purifier Air RM-AP01


protect your family from Remax USA dirty air by using this air purifier. Using the RM-AP01F  to ensure your home air cleaner and safer to breathe. Small and minimalist design makes this air purifier suitable placed in the living room of your house and into home decor Simple to Use Only within 10 minutes, the air of your room will be clean and fresh to breathe. Very practical and simple to use RM-AP01F Using high-quality filters to purify the air of your home Quite Operation Air purifier operates very quietly so as not to interfere with the activities you and your family as a result of noise Odor Sensor Has a sensor to detect smog and other pollution. This air purifier will adjust the fan speed according to the degree of pollution in your room Efficient Operation Air purifier can remove different types of dirt and air pollution are very clean Large Area  Air purifier can reach a large area to ensure the entire room is clean of air pollution

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