Car Charger Tripple Port 6.3A RCC302

  • IRemax USA Car Charger Tripple Port 6.3A RCC302 

    we had implanted our special Electronic chip in it, which could let the electronic match with your phone and other Electronic equipment without any hurt to your phone and expensive electronic equipment.
    This charger could output 6.3A once, could charge two 2.4A and one 1.5A once time. There is no such big output charger having this price until now in the market.
    We are the Top five factories in this Field. We could guarantee the quality for you, and we supply After-sale service for any Quality problems.
    Charging really fast, we use the Super large copper wire with best Electronic component.

  • Iintelligent adjusting charge current
    Over charge protection
    Under voltage protection
    Short circuit protection
    Overload protection
    Over temperature protection
    Max output 6.3A smart match


    1 x USB car charger

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