Case iPhone Shapeshifter 6/6S

Remax USA Case SHAPESHIFTER For iPhone 6/6s TPU Soft Phone Case Anti-Shock/Fingerprint /Scratch Six Way To Use Original Packaging Anti-Shock  Anti-Fingerprint  Anti-Scratch 6 ways to use a lot of different functions that main features are at the back of the case, which can be reseed with pushing the small blade at the bottom Ring like feature Easier to control your phone and prevent it from slipping away and dropping Typing with one hand, by putting your index finger into the ring feature back, so you can hold your phone firmly and type conveniently with  your thumb, the same when you hold your phone with two hands, it' more stable and types easier Push the back out Hold your phone with the blade outside, it's easy to hold too, and presents you different way to hold your phone according to your interests You can put your phone on the laptop, computer monitor, or anything can hold it firmly, even your belt  when you are running, put it hang on your belt  Use it as stand when you want to watch video or play games on  your phone, when you are eating, or watching computer, even doing housework, the case can be a stand so that you are hand free to use your phone IT IS FIRMLY WHEN YOU PUT THE BLADS UP AS A STAND, IT WON'T CHANGE THE SHAPE UNLESS YOU CHANGE IT. WHEN THE BLADE IS SET INSIDE, THE CASE TOUCHING IS SMOOTH.


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